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The shipbuilding branch of RIVAN Engineering has been established through a fusion with an innovative and successful player in the local market, specializing in ship conversions and ship repair projects since 2009. The overall management solution we propose utilises the vast experience of numerous major projects we executed. Our offer includes also a variety of repair and modification jobs in various fields of shipbuilding.


Our main office and workshops are located in Gdynia, Poland. We frequently cooperate with Shipyards and Ports of Gdynia and Gdansk. Unrestricted access to their piers, quays and work sites, allows us to serve our clients with a broad array of services in an efficient and trouble less manner.  We work to international standards by recognized classification companies: DNV, GL, ABS, PRS, GL. We provide a wide range of services related to: hull design and construction, steelwork, mechanical and electrical and hydraulic systems' installation, commissioning, inspections and repairs. RIVAN Engineering also offers a complete service package consolidated in a project management proposition.

RIVAN Engineering - Shipbuilding

Complex projects:

Project Management

RIVAN project managers will plan, prepare and manage your project and our team will execute it for you. We have successfully managed projects such as:

  • modification and repairs,
  • recycling,
  • yard stays,
  • UWILD,
  • dry docking,

New buildings

Small and medium sized vessels (yachts, fishing boats, stand by vessels etc.)

Availability of pier: 200m LOA, max draught 7m,

Ship conversions

Various vessel types e. g. fishing boats converted to oil field/windmill stand by vessel

Other Services:


Complete hull construction, hull sections, blocks up to 300mT, Superstructure, wheelhouse, masts, stair cases, funnels, various welding works / various methods (MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG); various materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium.


Design, quick modeling, construction and modification of pipelines; black and stainless steel;

Repair/Service team

A Repair/Service team is ready to be assembled to board the vessel in order to perform the job during the sea voyage.

Deck fittings and machinery

Installation (incl. Foundations, deck stiffeners etc.) testing and commissioning:

  • Permanent and removable railings: gangway ladder, gangways, platforms, stairs, ladders and hand-rails,
  • Anchor and mooring equipment: hoisting winch, bollards, stoppers,
  • manholes, louvers, water tight doors etc 
  • Foundation for various machinery (pumps, boilers, engines and generators)


Design, assembly, installation, flushing, testing and commissioning of various hydraulic systems, components and equipment. Troubleshooting and repairs of hydraulic systems and equipment:

  • Steering gear,
  • Cargo and ballast valve control system,
  • Deck, cargo, supply cranes,
  • Windlasses, anchor winches
  • Hatch covers, ramps etc.

Assembly and installation of various ship systems

  • Ballast system, bilge water system, grey water system, fuel system and ventilation system,
  • Sanitary and technical water system
  • Compressed air system 
  • Insulation works, accommodation spaces and bulkheads
  • Insulation of exhaust systems - main engines and generator
  • Ventilation ducts installation,

Express repair and troubleshooting services

RIVAN Engineering by employing a unique fleet of professionally equipped service trucks offer flexibility, independence and speed of services. Our vehicles packed with hi-tech repair equipment allow us to quickly respond to our costumer call and to execute super urgent jobs in the field for vessels calling ports for a short visit. We work with short deadlines and wide range of works:

  • steelwork,
  • hydraulics,
  • electrical,
  • mechanical

Non-destructive Testing NDT

We offer a wide range of inspections to cover your periodic Maintenance requirements and to examine the quality of welding.

  • MPI,
  • UT,
  • X-ray,
  • Eddie current

Fabric maintenance and painting works:

  • Sandblasting to the class SA2.0,1.0,
  • Painting works: hand and spray painting,
  • Hull space filling- steel and laminates,
  • Tank cleaning - Fuel, ballast, freshwater, grey water and bilge water tanks
  • Pressure washing of the external shell of the hulls.

Rig Repairs

RIVAN Rig Repairs provides services to Drilling Contractors and Oil Companies. We assist our clients in execution of their planned maintenance routines by offering a broad range of technical inspections and other related services. RIVAN service teams of trained and professionally equipped technicians are ready to travel offshore to perform a job on your rig/platform. Our personnel is certified according to internationally recognized standards OPITO, BOSIET, Offshore Medical Certification. We maintain offshore certification on continues basis to ensure ability to be mobilized on a short notice.


We offer a wide range of inspections to cover your Periodic Maintenance System, statutory and industry requirements. All inspectors are IRATA certified abseilers qualified to perform work at height and rope access works.


Inspections performed according to API 4G cat. 2-4 requirements for Drilling Structure Inspections. 5 yearly Derrick Bolt Inspection according to API requirements.

Our inspectors are trained and certified by DROPS (Dropped Object Prevention Scheme).

Inspections are carried out by LOLER certified inspectors.

• MPI,
• UT,
• X-ray,
• Eddie current.

Technical condition surveys, damage inspections, material waste evaluation, repair estimations. Inspections are performed by highly qualified and experienced personnel holding educational degree in Shipbuilding.

A team of 6G certified welders and fitters is available to travel offshore to perform a repair or a modification job. Assemblies can be prefabricated in our workshop and finally assembled, installed in situ on-board your unit.

RIVAN team of IRATA certified rope abseilers specialize in offshore projects. Our men typically perform jobs such as:
• various inspections as well as installation and removal jobs in the 
• installation of assemblies such as staircases, bridges, burner booms
• other work over the side.
• rope access work is executed by teams of two, according to strict internal safety requirements and weather, light limitation utilizing professional safety appliances and tools 
aloft only.

RIVAN Engineering - Shipbuilding


RIVAN Manning Agency has been created to meet the HR needs of Oil and Gas industry. Having been in the rig management for a decade, we fully understand that the way to safety and efficiency of a drilling unit is through the skills and experience of the crew. RIVAN maintains an extensive network of Offshore Industry professionals. We specialize in medium and higher supervisory level positions. Should you require assistance with a vacancy for a permanent position or just a short coverage due to absence of your staff, we are here to help. 

Our manpower database consists of carefully selected and examined personnel, highly qualified, certified to international standards and academically educated. At RIVAN we understand the nature of the industry and are aware of it’s specifics.  Our men come with adequate training and competencies to comply with both the job requirements as well as the emergency response role.

Should you be interested in cooperation with RIVAN Manning as a client or an offshore professional seeking employment, please contact us via this link.

RIVAN Engineering - Shipbuilding

Project Management

RIVAN Project Management service caters specifically for Drilling Contractors and Ship Owners. 

Is your drilling unit requiring a 5 yearly recertification? Is your vesssel in need for dry docking? RIVAN Engineering offers a complete service package consolidated in a project management proposition. RIVAN project managers will plan, prepare and manage your project and our team will execute it for you. We are innovative and flexible towards different modes of cooperation. Should you require assistance with a specific portion of the project scope only, we will gladly be of service.

We have successfully managed projects such as:

  • Conversions of small and medium sized vessels
  • Major modification and repairs of drilling rigs or/ and large vessels,
  • Recycling preparation,
  • equipment evaluation by value,
  • equipment decommissioning, removal and transportation preparation,
  • liaising with recycling yard,
  • vessel delivery,
  • 5 yearly yard stays,
  • class scope,
  • maintenance system requirements,
  • drilling package,
  • Dry docking,
RIVAN Engineering - Shipbuilding
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